Sunday 21st January 2018


The “ Light House”

The  “Light-House” was first established in the year 2006 and it is located in “Pokhara’s main slum the so called “Bus-Park-Slum”. First and foremost the Lighthouse is a safe space for the female slum dwellers, girls-adolescents & women.

100_0682Over the years the “Lighthouse” has become an institution and mothers and daughters alike are seeking help, advice and counseling.

From the beginning our target-groups have been encouraged to participate and express their needs in the development of the programs. It is trough their participation that we were able to tailor the programs we are offering according to the genuine needs of these peoples and to weave into the social fabric of this difficult community.

One nurse and one social worker are in charge of this project and the following facilities and programs are offered:

  • First-Aid
  • Safe space for all the female slum-dwellers and help, counseling and advise for those in difficulty
  • Regular meeting and awareness-programs for the adolescent girls aged between 12 and 18 years
  • Regular awareness programs on sexual transmitted disease and free distribution of condoms
  • Regular Health-Awareness-Programs such as: Breast und uterus prolapsed/cancer prevention, diabetes prevention, infectious disease, skin-disease, and hygiene.
  • Awareness-programs with regard to domestic violence100_0744
  • Legal advice, child and women rights programs
  • Health-Camps and free distribution of medicine such as anti-worm medicine, vitamin B and Antimykotikum.
  • Gyno-camps by female Doctors and nurses
  •  Referral service to Hospitals or other social-service’s


Our social activist Mrs. Sabina Acharya who is in charge of lightthis project has formed 5 such groups comprising around 25 girls each. The participants are between 12 and 18 years of age. The main topics in the frequent meetings are of course about the problems that teen aged girls are facing in this difficult environment. Due to these meetings the girls have become confident; they opened up and are now able to talk about issues that are otherwise taboo in their society. Most of these issues are related to sexuality, early marriage and health issues. But discrimination, drugs and violence are frequent topics too.

Talking about these issues is most important for these teen agers and in the process of these meetings they are becoming increasingly receptive and willing to change the patterns of their behavior. Individual counseling can than take place and solutions can be offered.

Around 120 adolescent girls are benefitting in one way or another from our different programs and in this way we/you are able to make a difference in the life of many of the most vulnerable girls in Nepal.

Thousands girls,  women/mothers have benefitted from our various programs that we have been offering over the years and this has a positive impact for the whole family, mother, father, daughters and sons alike.

Despite progress over the last decade girls and women remain the majority of Nepal’s most vulnerable, unhealthy, unfed, exploited and abused!

We are committed and determined to engage against this sad and intolerable truth!