Sunday 21st January 2018


The Eco-Village   our “HUB”

Our Eco-Village was constructed in the year 2013/3014 and this with a generous donation from our sister-organization “Cooperation-Humanitaire-Luxembourg”

The “Eco-Village” was built mainly with natural and locally available material such as clay, bamboo, stones and soil. 90% of the work was done manually and this by local workers, women 085and men. During the two years of childconstruction Raymond Lindinger from CHL and SOS BAHINI TEAM were on the construction side seven days a week to supervise and control all the constructions. There was plenty of room for creative ideas as the Eco-Village materialized brick for brick and step by step.

All in all it is containing eight cottages for a total of 42 beneficiaries, one large “Kitchen-Dining-Hall”, one large “Community Hall”, one “Clinic”, one “Bamboo-House” containing the “Women-Skill-Development-Centre”, four “Bathroom-Shower-Units”, one “Computer-Room”, three office-rooms and one repository. All buildings are equipped with solar-energy and a deep well is providing us with abundantly fresh drinking water.DSC_0037

The beautiful, natural buildings are surrounded by fields for organic farming, flowers, gardens, trees and spacious playgrounds.

The natural building materials are making for a high quality-living and during the two earthquakes that struck Nepal in the year 2015 one broken window was the only damage we had to report.

It is an idyllic oasis, a safe haven for all our beneficiaries, internal and external, and all visitors are inspired by the esthetic, the peace and the harmony that is reigning in our village.

The “Eco-Village” is a unique symbiosis for sustainable living, strict non-violence, beauty and loving-kindness!