Sunday 21st January 2018

Success Stories

Before & After

These girls reached us five years ago!


They came from the western part of Nepal from a region where discrimination, exploitation and worst forms of abuse of girls and women is still rampant.

They never had a choice let alone a chance to escape the vicious cycle of poverty and misery.


 By the age of 14/15 their faces were marked by hardship, grieve and despair. There was nothing they could hope for and no dreams either, live seemed to be an endless nightmare!

Five years later these young women are all undergoing vocational training, they are happy, they are thriving, they are confident and they have dreams and their dreams have a good chance to become truth.

Despite progress over the last decade, girls and women remain the majority of Nepal’s unfed, uneducated, exploited and abused! We are determined and committed to change this sad and intolerable truth!