Sunday 21st January 2018


Visitor & Volunteer Policy

We do appreciate your interest in SOS Bahini and we are happy to welcome you in our office and to inform you about our different projects and programs.

DSC_0198With the growing popularity of SOS Bahini the number of people who are interested in our work is on the rise. Moreover “Voluntourism” has become quite a fashion over the past years and an increasing number of peoples are requesting to volunteer for our organization.

However, first and foremost we have to protect the privacy and safety of our beneficiaries and we have to make sure that they will not be subject to any influence from people with “good intentions” that might not be conducive to a healthy psycho-physical development.

It is for this reason that our “visitor ” & “volunteer” policy is in place.

   Visitor PolicyDSC_0674

  • Please call for an appointment prior to your visit.
  • Meetings are taking place in our office.
  • Please refrain from physical contact with our beneficiaries.
  • Please respect the privacy of our beneficiaries.
  • Gifts or sweets are to be handed to our staff only.

Volunteer Policy

We cannot accept any Volunteers that are not in possession of a valid Volunteer-Visa. This is illegal and can potential lead to the expulsion of the volunteer by the Government and to the loss of our status as an NGO.

    • A valid volunteer visa has to be obtained (very complicated and we cannot assist)
    • A minimum of six month’s commitment is required
    • A specific qualification is mandatory: we are currently seeking Art-Teachers and teachers for our Vocational-Training-Centre as well as English teachers.
    • Volunteers have to be acquainted with and respect the social and cultural norms in Nepal, especially with regard to gender, cast, moral and religious issues.
    • Only female volunteers can apply and this for a number of reasons.
    • A recommendation by an NGO and/or a penal record is mandatory for all applications.