Saturday 25th November 2017

Message from the TEAM

Our Philosophy
“Optimizing not maximizing is our philosophy”

Over the last ten years SOS Bahini has developed an all encompassing strategy to empower the most underprivileged girls and women in Nepal, assist them to be independent and live a life in dignity and safety. To this end a number of innovative, interdependent and interconnected projects have been developed, starting from early childhood-care and education and leading to job-training and self-sufficiency.

Our approach is holistic and integrative and our values are based on cooperation, participation, quality and partnership.

As a social organization we believe in networks rather than hierarchies and this shift to a more balanced value system is the key to our success.

Our vision is a new Nepal where a great number of those belonging to the female gender are no longer discriminated, abused and oppressed. As a small organization we can’t do great things, what we can do is show different ways and offer different solutions.
Let us all continue in this way, hand in hand!