Sunday 21st January 2018


The “HUB”

SAM_0093The “Eco-Village” is our HUB and it is her that the majority of our projects are located.

The seat of our administration too is in the HUB and it is from her that all our programs and activities are planned, organized and implemented. The IFAPProject and all other external projects too, such as the Lighthouse”, the “Health-Awareness-Programs” and the “Educare-Project” are managed and administered from her.

Following projects are located in the HUB:

  • The “Hostel”DSC_0261
  • The “Clinic”
  • The “Women-Skill-Development-Centre”
  • The “Bridge-Course”
  • The “Tuition-Classes”
  • All “Recreational-Activities”
  • The “Administration”
  • The “Farm”

But first and foremost this is the home for our children!Recovered_JPEG-Digital-Camera_95

The peaceful and beautiful environment is doing wonders for all those that live here and all those that are frequently coming and going, like the IFAP & Crossroad-House- Beneficiaries  and the many Girls and Women who are coming to our “Clinic” and are participating in our “Workshops”, the Bridge-Course and our


It’s a haven of peace, a symbiosis of beauty & harmony where all are able to find comfort and peace of mind!