Sunday 21st January 2018



EDU-CARE stands for Education-Healthcare-Food & Clothing.

This is yet another innovative project that we started implementing in the year 2008.

careWith this project we are targeting destitute single mothers with dependent children. These families are including boys, but girls are prioritized since our main objective remains the prevention of abuse, trafficking and worst forms of discrimination against girls. These families have a home to stay, however basic this might be but their mothers are lacking the means to provide them with education, nutritious food, healthcare and appropriate clothing.

We are enrolling the beneficiaries in school; pay the school-fee, school-uniforms, shoes, books and stationary. According to the needs of each family we are providing staple food such as Rice, Pulses, Potatoes and oil. In the case of illness we are providing medical care, medicine and hospitalization if needed so.

Most of these families are dwelling in remote and difficult to access villages. Once a month we will visit these families and we deliver the monthly food. Our nurse will provide a check-up for all family members and she will counsel them on hygiene (sanitary pads and underwear are provided) and nutritious

eClothes according to the seasons and warm blankets and mattresses’ will be provided according to the needs of a family. In case of an emergency these families can contact us anytime and we will undertake what is necessary to assist them.

Furthermore and wherever possible we are building an “Improved-Cooking-Stove” to assure economic and smoke free cooking.

We are not providing any money/cash to these families and this in order to prevent abuse/misuse and maintain the incentive for the mothers to continue to work and help to provide for their daily needs.

edCurrently 13 such families, all of which in a particularly disadvantage position, are benefitting from this project counting a total of 42 beneficiaries.

The average cost to provide EDU-Care for one child is around 25 Euros per month.

We are determined to extend this efficient, low-cost grass roots project with the aim to provide education and basic care to many more deprived children in Nepal.

Despite progress over the last decade, girls and women remain the majority of Nepal’s unhealthy, unfed, uneducated, exploited and abused! We are determined and committed to change this sad and intolerable truth!