Sunday 21st January 2018




We-two-friends,-CRHThe Crossroad-House has been first established in the year 2012. This HOSTEL is home for all the beneficiaries of

“SOS Bahini” who left primary-school after completing class ten.

The hostel is located in a quiet and safe neighborhood and in ten minutes walking distance from our “Eco-Village”.

DSC_0240Up to 21 young women can stay at the CRH and all are undergoing either Vocational-training and/or tertiary studies.

Once the beneficiaries have a job, they are invited to stay in the CRH for a maximum of six more months.

When they are ready to move out and establish their own home or to get married, each of them will be provided with Rps.50.000,- as a start-up for a life in independence and self-sufficiency.

The beneficiaries at the CRH are enjoying a maximum of freedom and independence; they go shopping, do their own cooking and all household tasks by themselves. In this way during their stay at the CRH the beneficiaries are all trained in livelihood-skills and they are learning how to organize a household and how to keep check and balance. All are provided with an appropriate amount of monthly “Pocket-Money” for their personal wants. Furthermore they are provided with a cell-phone and internet access.Crossy-with-pocket-money

A Governess is watching that all are adhering to the discipline required at the CRH and she is monitoring, guiding and counseling the beneficiaries whenever this is required.

At the “Crossroad-House” too we are adhering to our philosophy of “strict-non-discrimination” and “strict-non-violence”.

We are thus mainstreaming the young women at the “CRH” true the means of gender-specific-activities and affirmative action!

Currently, January 2016, a total of 17 young women are calling the “CRH” their home. All are undergoing Crossroad“Vocational-Training” respectively tertiary studies and this in the following professions:

5 Hotel-Management, 1 Radiologist, 1 Lab-technician,

4 Veterinary-assistants, 4 Physiotherapists and 2 Teachers.

In April 2016, 11 more of our beneficiaries will be leaving school and all of them are going to join our one year “Bridge-Course”.

After completion of this course they will continue with the respective “Vocational-Training” or tertiary studies and this according to their potential and their choice.