Sunday 21st January 2018



The Bridge-Course is a one year intensive-course in English and Computer.
One English-Teacher and one Computer-Teacher are providing professional quality teaching to our beneficiaries and the “Bridge-Course” is taking place in our HUB.
16 of our beneficiaries participated in the courses that run from April until March 2014/2015. Six from this batch found a job and/ or got married. The remaining ten participants decided to commit for “Vocational-Training” respectively “Tertiary-Studies”.

The course 2016/2017 will start in April. This year eleven of our beneficiaries are going to leave the primary-school and all of them will be joining the “Bridge-Course”.
This course has been established with the aim to provide our beneficiaries with good English- and Computer-Skills because this is what is required in a fast changing economy.
After completing the “Bridge-Course’ the beneficiaries are either qualified for “Secretary” or “Receptionist” and/or they can select the “Vocational-Training” of their choice and according to their potential.
With the “Bridge-Course” we are pursuing three different objectives:
a.) Providing good English and Computer skills to all our beneficiaries and this in our aim to increase their competence and their confidence.

b.) Train our beneficiaries for the respective professions of “Receptionist” and/or “Secretary.
c.) Prepare all those who have the potential for “Tertiary-Studies” and “Vocational-Training” with a good base for their professional future and give them sufficient time to decide and choose the profession of their choice.

The “Bridge-Course” is yet another innovative project by “SOS Bahini” and this in our aim to educate and empower deprived young women with the skills and confidence necessary to find a job and live a life in dignity and safety!