Sunday 21st January 2018

A NEW SOS Bahini Family-Member


 Dear friends and benefactors,

We are very happy to be able to report that a total of nine new beneficiaries have been admitted over the last two months and are now living in our “HUB”.

They are aged between six and fifteen years and all of them where at high risk of abuse, exploitation and worst forms of discrimination.


Most of them stem from remote villages that are difficult to access, orphans or semi orphans and they lived in extreme dire straits.

They have been referred to us by the local Authorities’ and more applications for “Emergencies “are on our desks.

Due to the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal one year ago the number of those children that desperately need a safe home, care and  their basic needs being met has dramatically increased and we are going to the limits of our capacity and our resources to provide a home for as many as possible.

Our new “Daughters/Sisters” received a hearty welcome by all their peers and the TEAM and embraced by the beautiful and peaceful environment in our “Eco-Village” they quickly felt “this is home”!

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For the first time in their young lives they discovered that happiness is possible and their faces are lighting up with smiles and joy.

After a medical check-up all have been admitted to school and they are wearing their new uniforms with pride and dignity.

Due to the earthquake and the lingering economic crisis the situation in Nepal has become worst and girls and women remain the majority of Nepal’s unfed, unhealthy, uneducated, exploited and abused!


We are determined and committed to change this sad and intolerable truth!

Your support is vital for our work!

Raymond & the TEAM








Dear Friends and supporters,DSC_0063

We are happy to announce the admission of Khageshwori Parbati Sharma (aged 7).

Parbati stems from a remote very difficult accessible village in the district of Baglung. Her parents are utterly poor; the mother is mentally disturbed and the father old and frail. They are too poor to provide Parbati with sufficient food and they could not afford to send her to school. As often in such cases the parents decided to entrust their daughter to some dubious people who are making a trade out of this tragic circumstances turning these innocent beings into a commodity. Parbati ended up in a Hotel where she was forced to work and serve the owners, forgoing school, badly fed and exploited. Parbati was referred to us by the “Child-Labor-Elimination-Office-Pokhara”.

Now she has joined the safe haven of our “Eco-Village” were she was warmly welcomed by all other Girls and Staff as a new family-member.

She is so happy to be with us and she is impatiently waiting to join school with the onset of the new school-year in April.

Despite progress over the last decade, Girls and Women remain the majority of Nepal’s unhealthy, unfed, uneducated, exploited and abused!

We are determined and committed to change this sad and intolerable truth!

The SOS Bahini TEAM